Park Sokolniki

Sokolniki is a Moscow garden with 3 centuries of history. It is known for its woods with wildlife. It was a really challenging task to design not only logo and identity, but also souvenirs, navigation system, mascot, set of park legends and many-many more.



In the wildlife you need to examine to spot an animal. The idea of unnoticeable presence was an inspiration for the pattern. It combines the style of two unlike painters. Maurits Cornelis Escher is known for seamless transformation from one outline to another. Above the outline there is a floral pattern, created by the works of William Morris in Arts and Crafts technique.



Exclusively for the park the special legends were created. One of which is telling a story about common lollipop.
«Since the end of 19th century Sokolniki were known around Moscow for its tea-parties. The whole families used to visit them. The most desired sweet for the kids of that epoch was a lollipop “cock in a stick” (“rooster on a stick”) which local confectioners used to make in a form of a hawk. This way the famous sugar souvenir from Sokolniki was born” (the “Hawk” is “Sokol” in Russian, so the shape of a souvenir carries also a meaningful function)


Icons, map, signs and arrows.


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